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The Hira has well-known a career in the Urdu television industry of Pakistan. She grows serious praise to on behalf of a role Gaiti in Hum TV’s drama Yaqeen Ka Safar. Hira was most recently seen portray the role of Geeti in ARY Digital’s drama Do Bol. Pakistani TV actress Hira Mani tied a knot with a fellow TV actor Salman Saqib Sheikh in the year 2008. They are seen together in many dramas. They have two sons named Muzammil and Ibrahim. Hira is a mother to two kids plus one of the few leading females in the Pakistani industry to be a mom, a wife, and a lead heroine in primetime television series. We asked. How has it been like to be a mother and a high profile at the time that is the same? Does it affect the type or type of functions you are provided just because you had been always ‘Mani ki biwi’ and a mom to kids? Was it hard being recognized as being a heroine?

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When I used to do our show with Mani, Hum Do Humaray Do, Muzammil – my son – was 5 or 7 months old. There weren’t a complete lot of moms there at the time. It wasn’t issued at all – I utilized to the gym regularly, and it wasn’t because I was on television. I am merely a very self-obsessed person and I can’t tolerate having a double chin or a belly that is fat.

I used to stay really fit so I wanted to avoid all these negative feelings and. I used to get plenty of scripts I would say, “Hey, I’m a mum to a kid that I read and!  How can we try this?” And so they used to inform me, “You don’t look such as for instance a mum”.



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