Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Moammar Rana who certainly does not need any introduction. It would not be wrong to call him a chocolate hero. But now that the showbiz industry is booming, older senior actors are rarely seen working in dramas and movies. Because a lot of artists say that the focus now on showbiz is not on good scripts but on ‘boldness. If the age of famous Pakistani film actor Moammar Rana is mentioned in the year 2021, then he has turned 50 years old. But he still looks fit as a young boy because of his fitness and good physique. And not many people know that Moammar Rana is the childhood best friend of Pakistani veteran actress Reema Khan and Jan Rambo. And that’s why Reema Khan came to Pakistan from USA with her husband Dr. Tariq Shahab in the engagement of Moammar’s daughter.

Moammar Rana shared photos of his daughter

Moammar Rana started his married life in the year 1998 by marrying Mehnaz Pervaiz. After a few years of marriage, he became the father of two daughters. But time ran so fast that no one knew that Moammar Rana’s daughter had grown up so quickly. But in today’s article, we will see Pakistani film actor Moammar Rana has shared his daughter’s engagement photos with himself. As can be seen in the viral pictures, he is holding his daughter by the hand and leading her to the engagement stage. This scene looks like a father saying goodbye to his daughter with tears in his eyes. Anyway, this is not a wedding scene yet, this engagement is happening now.

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