Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Areeba Habib’s wedding became a starry matter as numerous bigwigs of Lolly wood were spotted having a lot of fun at her beautiful and extravagant wedding affairs. A lot of her close friends from industry and even outside the showbiz industry worked hard to perform on her big day. Starting from her mayun Zhalay Sarhadi, Amna Khan and Sana Fakhar gave us several glimpses of themselves doing dance rehearsals. Finally, these gorgeous beauties performed on Shendi of Areeba Habib, and guess what!! Their performance couldn’t win the hearts of people on social media. Sana Fakhar is getting trolled for her performance. She was performing on song Mera Ghahgra and was looking beautiful wearing red Ghahgra.

Sana Fakhar Amazing dance Areeba Habib’s wedding

People are of the view that nowadays shadis have turned out to be a dancing program where everyone just dances. What is the purpose behind this new emerging term Shendi which is the collaboration of Mehndi and Barat together. They also criticized that she invited everyone just to dance and nothing else. People even went on saying that these kinds of activities at Shadi events should be banned. Click on the link below to watch Sana Fakhar’s dance performance. Sana Fakhar remained the pivotal part of criticism and Trollers were also age-shaming her. One of them said this lady has no regard for her age and is acting like she’s a young lady. She also got the title of Old Mare Red Halter. One more point of criticism was why these celebrities choose to dance in Bollywood songs and on the other hand demand the ban of Bollywood movies in Pakistan.

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