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The number of possible nail designs is for sure a huge one. This is because there are many different nail polish colors and also because of the many possible patterns that you can apply on your nails. And yes some nail designs can be plain and subtle and others pretty eye-catching. Today, we would like to show you 17 Eye-Catching Mandala Nail Designs that you can try to copy. Mandala designs are definitely one of the most famous patterned designs. They originated from South Asia and were connected with the region’s religious beliefs. And nowadays, Mandala is common subjects for modern visual arts, including tattoos, digital and even nail art. So, in nail art, parts of the whole Mandala design are painted onto one’s nails. Most often, some pastel colored polishes are used for the base of these nail designs and the pattern is painted in black or some bold contrasting color. Some of them may look like a spider web, others like flower petals etc.

17 Eye-Catching Mandala Nail Designs

The following collection features versatile Mandala nails designs. So that each one of you can get inspired to try this impressive nail art. Check them out and chose which one of them you will try to copy. Enjoy! Whether you choose to apply the Mandala pattern on each nail or only on one accent nail, you won’t be wrong. Just make sure to choose some contrasting color for the pattern, so that it can be more visible. Mandala nail designs are not seasonal nail designs and they can look great during any time of the year. Only the choice of color can make them look more typical for the season. So, since we are now in the fall season, you may choose some dark and bold color combos.


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