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Long preceding to Christ, long tops have been worn for a long time all the way through history. The Greeks first introduced these tops. Then the long tops were in fashion in Rome. Romans introduced the long tops to Byzantines. Meanwhile, Germans and Celtics used the same. The long tops that were generally used during those days were really in the form of tunics. These tunics or long tops were clothes. These are enclosed from the neck area to the upper thigh area. These could be of the length up to the knee and ending before the ankles. Thus, these tops reach the upper thighs, knees or central on the shin bone. Tunics have given rise to interesting long tops for girls, women and ladies.

Long Tops for Girls Trendy and Stunning Outfits

Long tops are fashionable because they can use them as formal or relaxed wear. Generally, these long tops are worn over jeans, leggings, trousers and others. Long tops look eye-catching, so those who use them are considered smart, elegant and fashionable. During this modern era, even ladies from very conservative background swear long tops. Severe fashion designers take a lot of interest in producing long tops.

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