Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Who hasn’t dreamed about their wedding since they were a little girl? Every girl, whether she admits it or not, wants to look and feel like herself on her wedding day, whether it is a luxurious event or a simpler one. This article has amazing for everyone, whether you want to look like a dreamy princess or more nervous or formal. Today, we’re going to tell you about the top bridal trends for 2022. Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of train dresses, and we just think of how mesmerizing they can be. A beautiful train dress can go along way as it in itself is a statement; you can keep the other details of the dress simple.

The Top Bridal Trends of 2022

This beautiful Ellie Saab bridal dress added a bow detail to the back; to balance the train. It really gives us royal vibes and we know you’ll be feeling like a princess on your special day. Think of practicality; make sure the train is not too long so it’s easy for people to not step on or too heavy either. You could also have a hook on the side of the dress so you can remove the train when done with the main event. The right feather dress to me is like a god sent gown for our ascendance to heaven. I really wish I was kidding. Feather dresses have been everywhere, and they’re not exactly a new trend, but instead have made a comeback. It is peak bridal fashion. What is significant here is the execution of the dress, as it has to be done really right.

The Top Bridal Trends of 2022

Top tip: Look for/ or create with your tailor a feather look that is toned down, the overdone feathers are beautiful for example on the train of the dress, but try to get the feathers incorporated into the rest of the dress to look subtle and consistent.



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