Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

I was requested to make a video on DIY harem pants over on Sparkly Belly’s Face book page, and a few dancers were working on harem pants and sharing their creations there! So that inspired me to make a pair myself. By the way, the number of members at gleaming Belly’s Face book page is growing, and it is such a beautiful community of supportive and crafty dancers. The recent post on the Face book page made me touching, because all and sundry was so caring and helpful and contribution sensible tips and advice that would help each other grow. If you are part of the community already, thank you for being there, and thank you for being YOU! If you haven’t checked out this wonderful community yet, you can check it out from here.

Make Belly Dancer Harem Pants

Okay, back to the topic…So belly dancer harem pants come in different shapes, and in this video, you will see Princess Jasmine style harem pants that are loose and balloony but has separate legs as opposed to Aladdin style (also known as Afghani pants) that is super loose in the center and has short to almost no separate legs. And you’ll see how I cut corners and save probably 30 minutes or more making these harem pants. So let’s get started.

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