Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The students of Jade Belly Dance had a big week this week with 2 separate performances in Bellingen. I am particularly proud as some of them have only attended one term of classes. But wanted to give it a shot anyway. I cannot believe how brave these women and girls are and what a great outlook. They have when I started I was such a chicken in judgment. I won’t be able to add photos for every event they do (it takes a lot of time to upload and label them all!). But due to many requests I decided I would add as many as I can this time. Keep checking back for more.

World Belly Dance Day & Bellingen show photos

Most of the photos are from my camera and taken by the ever helpful Mr. Jamie MacInnes but a few are snaps taken by friends, I will try and label them all when I get a chance. If you want to read more about how great I think my students are and about their performances on world belly dance day 2012 you can read about them here. Also I have newly added some lovely moody portraits I was just given from World Belly Dance Day Bellingen 2012. The photographer was Claire Collins. The Bellingen Agricultural show was a last minute request to my school and again my students responded and did great performances. Even the Dorrigo classes made the trek down the mountain again and were awesome. We had another gloriously sunny day and a full house -everyone was entertained and it was another success.

World Belly Dance Day & Bellingen show photos

The Bellingen advanced students did 2 performances and the Bello kids did their first performance of Abl Ma Anam without me and did great! Also just threw in a few from the golf club performance the week before too.




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