Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

We know it’s confusing to choose a bridal lehenga color. Should you go with red or pink? Maroon or blue? Purple or turq? Well, let your complexion decide for you! You see, every skin tone has different colors that flatter it amazingly. What looks amazing on dusky skin might not go so well with pale skin. It is very important to study your complexion and choose the perfect lehenga for your d-day. Before you decide to rush to the bridal store and choose your wedding outfit, let’s get you ready to understand what works the best for you and what does not & embrace it.


Shades like mint green; baby blues look gorgeous with a fair skin tone with cool undertones. Scarlet and Azalea pink colors will make your face glow! Sun yellow, is also a good colour on you, so choose a shade that will compliment you. These shades come from the lighter end of the color spectrum hence only for your wedding dress, but you can use this analysis for your Sangeet, Mehendi and other wedding functions. If you have pale skin, you can experiment with lighter shades of lehenga colours. Pastel shades with pop color motifs on it can warm up your complexion and look great on you. If pastel is not your thing, then stay within two tones of your natural colour and avoid very dark and very light shades as they can make you look washed out.  Opt instead for lilac, fiery red, tangy orange, chrome yellow etc.


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