Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

After the last year’s style trends for comfortable clothes, style is returning with a much wider range of exciting, new trends. And this year is going to bring some fabulously quirky, bright, dark and appealing new fashion ideas! So whether you are coming up to a hot or cold season in your location, there’s plenty of choice here! Our love of TikTok, Instagram and all of the other social media has changed who dictates fashion trends. It always used to be just a select few fashion designers and their exclusive runway shows. But now we are all involved in setting the trends by using social media. Following celebs, and fashion influences, wearing real-life street wear. And getting to see lots of different, young, fashion tribes.

Top Fashion Trends to Look Forward To for 2022

The whole fashion trends’ scene in the last year has opened up into lots of alternative looks based on different personality types and lifestyles. You can now choose from many different fashion styles, like Cottage Core. Which embraces flowery, vintage rural-style fabrics and female styles. And this is just one of the fashion tribes that appeals. Those who feel a bit trapped in an urban environment and want to feel like a romantic heroine. For instance, there’s Light Academic, Dark Academic, E-girl. Which is inspired by current Japanese girl-fashions. Goth, Fairy Grunge, Alternative Scene, Athleisure, Classic, Professional, Y2K Fashion, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s inspired and era to name a few main trends.

Top Fashion Trends to Look Forward

When it’s too nippy for ordinary shoes and too slippery for high heeled boots, it’s time for chunky loafers. They give a strong fashion statement that always makes you stand out from the crowd. Current forecasts for next year agree that classic, chunky loafers will take-over the top-spot from sneakers and high-boots, ballet pumps and fancy shoes. So invest in a pair of long-socks and wear chunky loafers for the ‘school core’ look. Or wear the grunge trend, light and dark Academia or whatever style you love, along with a comfy, stylish pair of chunky loafers! They are not called a, ‘classic’ shoe for nothing this style has been popular as a fashion trend and for hundreds of years.



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