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Kawaii (pronounced as Kawaii) is a collective term used for a number of fashion subcultures. That originate in Japan like Lolita Fairy Kei, and Decora etc. and refers to a child-like cute fashion style derived from Japanese pop culture of high school girls. Followers of this style dress in fancy cute clothes evocative of kids’ clothes in mostly soft pastel colors. The kind of clothing which makes you believe you have reached a fairytale land. The word ‘Kawaii’ in Japan means tiny it is usually used to indicate everything that is cute, adorable, bright, youthful and friendly.

Kawaii Fashion Style

The Kawaii culture is called the culture of cute. There are a number of characteristic features that are common to all forms of Kawaii fashion. The clothes in Kawaii fashion features clothes and accessories in candy colors and pastel shades. It features bright colors, and fun combinations.  You will find lots of layers of clothing, frills, and bows and other feminine accompaniments. In all the clothes and profligate ornamental accessories. (Infect an over abundance of feminine accessories). People who follows Kawaii fashion often dyes their hair in various colors from bright to more subdued shades or uses wigs in these colors.

Kawaii Fashion Style

Women put on eye makeup and false eyelashes to make their eyes look bigger. Kawaii fashion is a return to innocence and a wish to dress child-like. It first developed as a protest against the strict norms of the Japanese society (especially the strict dress codes). There is a careful casualness to this style which helped. The Japanese society to escape from the strictness and pressures of everyday life. They allow the wearers to go against the norms of society and ignore popular fashion trends in new inventive and individualistic ways. Though Kawaii outfits are often an explosion of fun and originality, they are always carefully put together.



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