Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

You are in a deep and nonviolent sleep, dreaming about a vacation on the beaches of the Bahamas. The cool water crashing ashore, the clouds resembling cotton candy. And you lying on white sand soaking in some Vitamin D. Suddenly, a loud noise of your alarm jolts you out of your happy place.  The dreadful reality you have to face. college. For many of us January marks the start of college and universities again. Gone are the days of lazing in bed and watching Netflix. Between all the grumbling and grunting, one thing that is extremely important and cannot be missed is your looks for the new semester.


From your clothes to your shoes and your bags (obviously not forgetting: Wear your masks kids!), everything should be on point. After all, your look helps you create a lasting impression. You’re going to learn a lot of lessons this semester. Here, we bring you your first lesson for the spring semester. You should always carry a spacious bag that is stylish and can fit in all your essentials. Carrying a small bag means you have to carry half the stuff in your hands and that can be extremely clumsy and irritating. Whether it’s your laptop or books, your sanitizers, spare masks. A water bottle, you can haul a lot of stuff in a perfect-sized bag.


In the New Year, some of that nervousness we’ve all been feeling for the last 12 months may dissipate but still, always better to carry what you need with you, or at least whatever will make you feel safe and stable. Here are a few hand bags to help you do so in style. Want to play safe with something that goes well with all your outfits? Here’s presenting you this black bag pack that has a classic appeal and a textured surface, perfect for your college routine. It’s spacious as well as stylish, best for the girl who is a perfectionist.



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