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You have already chosen your dream wedding dress in your head? Chances are, you’ve get an idea of how huge your wedding day will be, but you do not really know which style of dress will suit your body-shape best. So before you go on the best shopping trip of your life, why not browse these plus size wedding dress silhouette tips and be well prepared. When you have a good idea of the best styles of dress for your body type, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and annoyance trying on unflattering styles! A dropped-waist wedding gown will cling to your curves and highlight a shapely figure perfectly. And by wearing a bodice top, you can create a defined waist-line, even though you don’t usually have one. In addition, you have a dress with fullness at the hemline, and this will also draw attention to nicely rounded hips!

Best Plus-Size Wedding Dress Silhouette Tips

Broadcast wedding dress silhouettes are closely-fitted on the top up to half-way down the thigh. Then they flair-out to create a comfortable walking stride, which balances out your bust and creates a pleasing outline. Take a look at Zac Posen broadcast gowns from the Truly Zac Posen bridal dress collection for plus-size brides. These dresses feature carefully proportioned waist and hip tailoring. To provide flattering silhouettes that are also comfy to wear on your special day! High-low hems create an optical illusion that makes your body and legs appear longer, so it’s a great shape for a plus-size wedding gown. And it’s also quite a contemporary, out of the ordinary shape for a bridal outfit. So perfect if you like to be ‘different’ in your style choices. You’ll look eye-catching from the front and will have leg coverage at the back, for comfort and grace.

Best Plus-Size Wedding Dress Silhouette Tips

Look at the plus-size wedding dress collections from Dennis Basso and Lazaro, to see some of the best mermaid silhouette bridal gowns. And bear in mind that the mermaid tail flair should begin just above your knees. So you may need to employ a seamstress to ensure the proportions are correct. Lazaro uses lots of lovely beads and lace decoration on his collection of plus-size gowns. And Dennis Basso features flattering ruched sections and pretty organza fabric. Both designers are experts in this field and always produce dresses that create an attractive waistline.



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