Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

It is no less than heart breaking to get rid of old clothes that do not seem to be attractive enough or simply don’t fit you anymore. What comes to your rescue is the idea of giving an all new spruce to your long-lost clothes. That too with just a little bit of creativity and a few tools from around the house. Here are Old Clothes Recycle Ideas that are all you need to up cycle your old wardrobe items. You wouldn’t believe what folding your old t-shirt into a spiral. And doing a bleach tie-dye on the cloth can end up in! All you need to do is put the folded tee in a mix of water. And bleach for about half an hour.

Old Clothes Recycle Ideas that you need to up cycle Old Wardrobe Items

Got a pair of sweats that you have outgrown, but still can’t get enough of those cuties? Grab a ribbon and you can add that much-needed length to them. While adding a lot more hip factor into your overall attire. That old blanket when transformed into a homemade coat keeping you all warm and cozy during those chilly days can surely take a few breaths away with its uber-chic looks, brought by a little cutting, folding and stitching. Some tape, scissors and a little glue are all it takes to transform an old t-shirt or shirt into a gorgeous headband sporting a Shannon knot, following a super easy technique explained with pictorials in the below guide.

Old Clothes Recycle Ideas that you need to up cycle Old Wardrobe Items

Crops tops are right in trend and what can be more amazing then re purposing all those old tees you don’t wear anymore and transforming them into a whole bunch of colorful crops with a charmingly sensual appeal! A gentleman’s shirt remarked into a super stylish summer dress ! Combine the top of one of your shirts with a men’s shirt. That has already been chopped off a few inches from the top, and sew them together.



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