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Hello, sun! It’s finally time to break out your bikini, cutest flip flops and comfortable sundress because summer has arrived. I honestly try to make skincare more of a priority during the summer because of all the additional time I spend outdoors. There are seriously so many different skincare products out there; so what are they must have products to protect your skin for summer? We all moisturize our face, right? Even if you work indoors all day, the sun can cause damage when you’re not outside for extended periods of time. Be sure to look for moisturizers that have at least SPF 15 in them to protect your skin throughout the day. Apply and let dry before putting on your foundation to start the day! I’ve been using the Oil of Olay All Day UV moisturizer since I started wearing makeup.

Must Have Skincare Products for summer

Face tan-lines are a hard thing to combat. Which makes dark circles under your eyes even more of a challenge? Start using a correcting eye cream to keep your skin looking even on your face. I recommend Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. Whether you’re outside at the beach, the lake or your back porch, your skin will get dirty, very dirty. And like most of us, we wash our face with our hands, which also has a lot of dirt and grime. So, use a face wash with a light exfoliant in it to wash away all the makeup, sunscreen and dirt on your face! The Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub is organic and seriously leaves your skin feeling so hydrated.

Must Have Skincare Products for summer

Lipstick! Lipgloss! Lipstain! Lipglass! Lipbalm! I put a lot of product onto my lips throughout the day and have started to notice how there always seems to be some color leftover even after washing my face and wiping off the lip product. Your lips can become very chapped from being outside so be sure to use a lip scrub to wipe away the entire excess product. Sara Happ Lipscrub in vanilla bean is a product that I use almost weekly to keep my lips feeling moisturized and clean.



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