Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Vegan handbag is a rather new term used to explain modern bags made of strictly cruelty-free materials. And manufactured in sustainable, ethical methods. The traditional leather-tanning industry, which produced bags and footwear from animal-skin leather for thousands of years, has recently undergone a complete revolution. And ground-breaking, plant-based, ‘leathers’ plus polyurethane materials are taking over. If you’re not completely up-to-date with the various new vegan materials, the main ones are: You might feel a bit dubious about the new materials, but you shouldn’t. They are being used to make beautifully designed, durable bags for every season, occasion and fashion trend.

Top Vegan Handbags for 2022 High Quality Bags for Your Style & Budget

And one of the top benefits of not using animal-leather, apart from it being cruelty-free. That vegan handbags are so much lighter in weight and much cheaper to buy! And this selection of the Top Vegan Handbags for this year shows that vegan materials produce excellent, affordable, elegant and luxurious bags you’ll love! This fashionable city-wear vegan-handbag is large and practical enough for daily use. Made from re-cycled PU material, this maxi-bag has a front pendant featuring the trendy Alexandra K logo. This stylish bag is offered in neutral colors to match with your whole wardrobe and has a lovely lining that feels like buttery-soft leather. There are two inside pockets, space for a laptop and A4 notebooks. And three separate compartments, of which is a zip-up. And there’s a magnetic closer, plus a detachable shoulder strap.




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