Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

When back to school is in session, it is only normal to want to look your best. Looking good helps to make you feel good, and perform better all the way through your day to day activities. Looking good doesn’t have to be all Smokey eyes and dark lipstick all the time, but hey, it can be fun every once in a while. There should be a happy middle. One way to find that it by making sure you have plenty of looks to choose from. With lots of options, you can become a makeup expert and rock amazing style all the way down the hallways. We have pulled together some of the most beautiful of looks to have you switching up your style enough to look like a makeup pro.

Gorgeous Back to School Eye Makeup Ideas

The bonus part is while they are all flawless; most of these are super easy to do. We have included the ever popular natural look; while also making sure some of the season’s hottest new looks have their place on our list. We even have advice for pairing these with hairstyles and outfits! You’ll be so busy looking like a star, first-day nerves will be a thing of the past. Going for the natural look is a style classic that stars of the past and present have kept popular. How can you go wrong with something so simple but perfect? To finish your look, add waves to your hair and go for a sweet and casual outfit that will play up the simplicity.

Gorgeous Back to School Eye Makeup Ideas

Sparkle from the gold shadow respects expansion mascara. You can try fiber mascara for additional length or even use falsies. Try this look with a sleeked back ponytail and a classy outfit that will keep the focus on your eyes. Here are more makeup tutorials. There are many ways to pull off dark lips. It’s simpler than many think. One of the easiest ways is to make the lips the entire focus, leaving the rest of the face neutral. A simple shadow and light coat of mascara pair perfectly with a bold lipstick. Match a cardigan to your lipstick to really make them pop.




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