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Waking up to distended eyes is never fun, especially when you have a self-preparation deadline. Whether you stayed up past your bedtime, allergies got the best of you, or you had a hearty sob-fest. The night before, these remedies are here to lend a helping hand…or potato? If you’re dealing with puffiness, read on for more info! Origins have a formation to save us all in the puffiest situations: No Puffery Cooling Mask for puffy eyes. It is a refreshing, icy mask that works to decrease swollen eyes with yeast extract, and eliminate redness with Hoelen mushroom. Rub a dab under the eyes before bed and wake up looking refreshed.

Shocking Remedies that Cure Eye Puffiness

Head to the storeroom for this trick! If you have a set of puffy peepers on your hand and have the time to pamper yourself, steep 2 bags of green or black tea in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Once the bags cool, place one over each eye while lying down. The caffeine in these teas helps reduce swelling and constrict blood vessels, while herbal teas contain anti-irritants that soothe irritation and redness. If you wake up for work to a pair of puffers, don’t panic. This trick works in a flash! Simply rinse your face with cold water, focusing on the eyes, and swelling symptoms should noticeably deflate instantly. The cold water reduces swelling and constricts blood vessels, helping to erase evidence of irritation.

Shocking Remedies that Cure Eye Puffiness

In a pickle with irritated eyes that Ben Stein can’t help you cure? This is a remedy passed down from generation to generation. Not only are cucumbers refreshing for your palate, but they’re super refreshing for your eyes, too. It turns out the astringent-like properties in the veggie constrict the blood vessels under and around the eye. That is, if you don’t eat them first! Simply lay back and relax for 10-15 minutes and let the magical cuke slices work their wonders.



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