Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A Mangalsutras is much more than a sacred thread that signifies marriage. For a woman, it is much more than that. Because it is a symbol of love and commitment, every woman pays close attention to the minor details while selecting the appropriate one for her. Mangalsutras are so important that even millennial brides wear them cheerfully and willingly. Of course, as time has passed, ladies Mangalsutras designs have evolved significantly. They are no longer made up of a gold pendant suspended from a black and gold beaded string. There are several new styles in the market that modern brides are spoilt for choice.

Modern Mangalsutras new styles

We will describe the different types of modern ladies’ Mangalsutras that can be worn. A mix of gold and diamonds A Solitaire lying between short chains of black beads, this design is both simple and striking. This is something to be inspired by if you are a bride who plans on wearing her Mangalsutras frequently. When it comes to the most recent designs, the combination of gold and diamonds is currently the most popular. Brides today want to wear this auspicious piece of jewellery that is both traditional and fashionable. Another new Mangalsutras design features an enticing large square-shaped pendant with detailed embroidery. The design stands out because of a diamond-shaped sub-pendant and pearl droppings.





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