Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

EshAisha has recently come forward with its summer collection that has been named the EshAisha Luxury Embroidered Summer Collection 2022. As the name suggests, the collection includes exquisitely embroidered dresses. That are designed for parties and festivities happening during the winter season. Featuring a vast variety of designs to choose from, you can select from different elegant designs. With a major influence of traditional designs in the collection, the embroideries and prints are very captivating. Having details that allure you instantly. The deep hues of the fabrics play a major part in the added attractiveness of the outfits.

EshAisha Luxury Embroidered Summer Collection 2022

EshAisha knows how to put together ladies dresses that will be a major attraction for the ladies and it is proven by this collection. A collection that is designed for women of different preferences. You can find a nice variety in lighter tints, as well as deep rich tones. Using fabrics like corduroy, cotail, linen, slub, silk, karandi, and pashmina to put together the winter range, the fabrics are then intricately decorated with embroideries, as well as prints to add to their beauty.

EshAisha Luxury Embroidered Summer Collection 2022

Most of the shirts of the suits are made from corduroy, cotail, and slub fabrics, where the dresses are paired with a premium summer shawl designed with fabrics like pashmina. Some outfits are paired with plain dyed trousers, while others have prints or embroidery on the trousers. As well featuring over 3-meters of fabric for the shirts, separate embroidered motifs are also added. Which are to be sewed on the sleeves, necklines, as well as daman of the shirts. Panel work design can also be noticed on a lot of the outfits from the EshAisha summer collection, where the dresses range for anywhere between Rs 4500 to Rs 4700.



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