Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Alizeh Shah is making rounds on the internet with her recent bridal photo shoot. She paired up with Muneeb Butt for the shoot. Alizeh was recently spotted in a bridal campaign for Maha Wajahat Khan with Muneeb Butt. She is all over the internet as she looked completely dramatic in the shoot. Shah was seen wearing an intricately designed, customary red barat dress. The dress was paired with a red lip and negligible eye makeup. The Ehd-e-wafa actress’s look was everything a customary bride would dream of. Everything about the shoot was on-point. Earlier, the actress reacted to wedding wishes on her shoot with Muneeb Butt. A fan congratulated Shah after posting her picture with Muneeb. Alizeh reposted the IG story with a hilarious response.

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