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The bond between a mother and daughter is one of the most beautiful ones. A mother is to daughter as a shadow is to the human body. The only dissimilarity being, a mother never foliage the side of her daughter, even in the darkest of times. That is what makes their bond something further than the comprehending ability of the human mind. The mother is always a figure of motivation in a girl’s life. She always tries to follow her footfalls and be like her in every aspect. Is it mirroring her actions her way of talking to wearing her clothes, putting on her makeup and footwear? Every girl’s fondest childhood memory is to wear mommy’s clothes, put on her makeup and footwear, and act like her in front of the mirror.

Many Times When Mothers Twinned With Their Little Girls In Matching Outfits

A new fashion has been trending these days, called the fashion of twinning. Young mothers are dressing their little munchkins exactly like themselves, and those kids look nothing less than a miniature version of their mothers! Such cuteness. Here, have a look at some of the quite adorable pictures of mother-daughter twinning and giving us major fashion goals! This cute mom-daughter pair wearing custom made matching suit. With palazzo in shades of grey and black is the most stylish duo. The frock style suit with big bell sleeves and pleats going down the hemline paired a palazzo with heavy embroidery and intricate net patterns will make all heads turn at a day party.

Many Times When Mothers Twinned With Their Little Girls

Who would’ve thought that dull color like beige would blossom so beautifully on a kid! Guess the warmth of the bond of a mother and daughter, makes every color beautiful. Fashioning a beige lehenga skirt, paired with a mehendi green choli, this mom has her fashion game on point, matching her outfit with her sweet little munchkin.




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