Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The biggest, most happening and the most instragammable event you would say, took place this weekend. Bagallery’s Glam fest kicked off at Expo Karachi and it was heaven for fashion lovers. Bagallery THE BIGGEST ONLINE BEAUTY AND FASHION RETAIL BRAND organizes. The biggest and most thrilling exhibition and is the first time in the history. That a brand organizes an exhibition on such a large scale. Fashion lovers were very excited about the exhibition and very rightfully. So because it had everything a fashion lover would love to see. Around 100,000 people registered for the event.

Bagallery hosted biggest hottest exhibition of Pakistan

The event was crowded with influences and celebrities, allowing them to interrelate with their fans. And followers in a very happy and pleased surroundings. From the Instagram influencers like Waliya Najib, makeup artists like Omayr Waqar, Nadia Hussain. Sara Ali to the TV’s most loved actresses like Aiman Khan and Iqra Aziz everyone was there to interact. With their fans, take photos and make the event spectacular.  There was a beauty Master Class arranged and everyone’s favorite MUAs shared. Some tips to enhance the makeup looks with live tutorials. And this was The DREAM COME TRUE for the girls there.

Bagallery hosted biggest hottest exhibition of Pakistan

To satisfy your stylistic needs Bagallery worked hard to arrange more than 1500 brands. And covered everything you want to buy to gear up your fashion game. From trendy clothes, shoes watch to bags everything was there. They also covered a wide range of makeup and skincare products. Shopping with free concerts going on, anything is more exciting than that? Live fashion shows to support many clothing brands and treat the audience. By introducing good fashion to the stalls of every fashion product, Bagallery did it all.



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