Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

What is Holi without an awesome Bollywood makeup look? The hearts and homes of Indians on Holi give out warmness and love. And the same is reflected during a wedding function. Deepika’s look from the movie Ramleela can serve two-fold purposes. Both as a Holi makeup as well as a wedding Indian bridal makeup. Before doing any type of makeup, be it festive makeup or wedding bridal makeup. You would possibly like to prep the skin a bit. You need to start with silk peonies with tatcha. Which is an amazing eye cream. This product goes on and is absorbed into the skin. Pretty much immediately and helps with dry skin especially. To hydrate your lips, use a lip balm. For this, you can use a rose lip balm from Milani. This lip balm feels fabulous on the lips. Next. You need to use a primer spray. You can use a mist by Milani which is a new product. It’s supercharged, revitalizing facial mist.

Deepika Inspired Holi Wedding Bridal Makeup

Deepika is curve and measurement from the Holi scene. The movie are visible but it is very subtle. So, you need to do contouring underneath the foundation. To start with contouring first, you need to use a deeper shade of concealer by colourpop. This is a pretty fresh concealer in 200 n. When you want that wonderful fresh finish whether it is for cheerful makeup or wedding bridal makeup Indian. Use the contouring and sometimes the highlight under the foundation that gives you a more natural look. When you use the contour first, it is very forgiving because even if you do not blend it to perfection. It will be alright. After all, you will be applying the foundation on top of it. And then the blend becomes seamless automatically.

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