Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

The best zip-front sports bras can change your whole life! First of all, zip-fronts free you from all the contortions you go through to put on and take off your bra. And if you have arthritis, are post-op or have controlled movement for any reason, this is a real benefit to your everyday life! Furthermore, zip front bras are a blessing for women who need strong support and enjoy long exercise or running sessions. And to make sure you feel totally secure, there’s a lock or hook to secure the zip on all of these best sports bras. So you never have to worry about it opening by accident.

Best Zip front Sports Bras 2022

The idea of a zip-front fastening bra is fairly recent. And I have yet to see any in my local bricks-and-mortar stores. So when you decide to switch from a back-clasp to a front-zip you may not know the best brands to look at. And that’s where we come in! HerStyleCode runs regular bra tests to find the best bras in each category. We recruit teams of testers from a range of ordinary women and work through the various types of bra. Our reviews come from tests in which each bra has been worn for at least two days. And we focus on comfort, support, fit, performance, durability and appearance. So you can have a less stressful life and get the best bra for you – whatever size or shape you happen to be.




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