Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

For ages, wedding or marriage dresses for women are being ready with colorful and beautiful embroidery. When we imagine the beautiful embroidery then Aari work for hand embroidery designs comes out. This embroidery is done with a long needle with a hook at the end called “Aari”. with the help of different colorful threads or even gold or silver threads, beautiful and charming designs are created on bridal or wedding dresses.  In traditional to modern wedding blouses designs, the significance of Aari work hand designs is the same. Women discuss different Aari work patterns like others embroidered designs during the choice of work blouse for special occasions.

New & Gorgeous Wedding Blouse Hand Designs Aari Work

These work blouses have the traditional look and make gorgeous lehenga and saree at the same time. Our collection includes bold and intricate zari work, Kundan embroidery, different patterns and much more handwork designs. Zarri and silk thread work makes these wedding blouse designs completely only one of its kind and trendiest.

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