Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The comfortable feeling of a good lawn suit in summer is unmatchable. All the brands are coming out with their latest lawn collections for the summer of 2022 and the competition has been really tough. I mean who can resist a good lawn suit? We all eventually give in to the temptations and pay heavy prices. Personally, I think the price tags for designer lawn suits are justifiable. But we shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a lawn suit we are probably going to wear for one season only.

Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Summer  Collection 2022

Since you all know I am into reasonably priced lavishness and I wear lawn suits. All year round even in winter (Yes that’s Me!). So, I do look for affordable and budget-friendly lawn suits. That I can wear on a daily basis all year round. One of the brands who came out with a decent Lawn Collection 2022 is Al-Zohaib and their this season lawn collection is called Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn. The brand has been very reasonable with their price tags. And I personally like their collection for nice quality lawn material and pocket-friendly prices.

Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn Summer  Collection 2022

You can spot beautiful colors in the Al-Zohaib Anum Lawn, sporting beautiful shades of blues, greens, reds, oranges, and black. I really like wearing blues and greens in summer. Since even though these colors can be worn all year round. But they look extra refreshing in summer. They are three piece lawn suits with lawn dupattas, lawn shirts, and lawn shalwars. The fabric is sufficient enough for you to get stitched in your personal style. So whether you want to get an A-line frock stitched or a short shirt. You can definitely get it stitched. I am a very tall person and I find it hard to find good lawn suits in 3-meter shirt fabrics So I was very glad they have 3-meter shirt cloth.




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