Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Aiman Khan is a beautiful and well-known Pakistani actress who has garnered a lot of attention and love in a short period of time. Her impressive performances have brought her a lot of success up to this point. Aiman married Muneeb Butt, who is also in the showbiz profession, in 2018. Amal Muneeb, the couple’s gorgeous baby girl, was born to them. Aiman was recently featured in Afrozeh’s Eid Collection 2022 “Shabnami”. Aiman wears Afrozeh’s latest Eid Collection ensembles, which are precisely designed masterpieces in rich spring hues with sumptuous yet complex embroideries influenced by Mughal and eastern arts. Take a peek at how Aiman Khan redefines grace in his new film “Shabnami.”



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