Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Hania Aamir is a beautiful Pakistani actress who is constantly embroiled in controversy due to her feisty and straightforward nature. She is a talented actress, a beautiful lady, and a nice human being. And her fans adore her despite her problematic past. Hania Aamir recently completed a photo shoot for Allure Salon and Spa, a makeup salon, because of her dazzling face, cheerful attitude, and superb acting talents. The shining effect is achieved by combining the beauty of the cosmetics with the exquisite costume designed by Faiza Saqlain, one of Pakistan’s most well-known designers. The gold and white jewelry complement the ivory long gown. Hania is looking for ideas for all future brides in this session. Nikah brides can be inspired by the photo session and try to be as happy and beautiful as she is. The photography is being handled by Pictroizzah. One of Pakistan’s greatest photographers.




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