Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Ghana Ali is a famous and well-known personality in the media sector. She began her entertainment career in 2015 and has since proven herself with great performances after phenomenal performances. She is one of those actresses who can fit into any role she takes on, whether it is a positive or bad one. Ghana Ali married Umair Gulzar, a non-artistic person, in 2021. Faija Umair, the couple’s gorgeous baby girl, was born to them. Ghana Ali was recently spotted in Dubai. With her hubby Umair on vacation. Ghana took to her official Instagram account to share photos from her recent vacation to Dubai with her fans and followers. Ghana is pictured spending quality time with her husband. Which she described as a much-needed respite in her post. Take a look at the photos of Ghana and Umair from Dubai that we’ve compiled for you!




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