Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

In this era of millennial brides moving towards minimalism and subtle jeweler, we believe that the charm of decking up and going all OTT is still unmatched and has not dwindled down entirely. Amidst all those brides choosing to go lighter on their bridal jewellery and even missing out on a few pieces, there are brides who are ever so deliberately and ever so attractively opting for over sized and chunky pieces. Yes! Making a splendid statement and setting some major standards, a lot many brides these days are elevating their bridal looks by including huge pieces in their bridal jewellery.

Oversize Jewellery Pieces that Legit Maharani Bride Feels

From opting for a few oversized pieces to ornamenting in completely huge jewellery sets, brides are going all extra making for a stellar bride. If you do not believe us, then check out these beautiful brides with huge jewellery pieces that we spotted and could not take our eyes off from. As much of a sucker we are for minimal jeweler, these brides in oversized and big jewellery pieces have left us equally smitten and flabbergasted. And we are spoilt for choices!



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