Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

A bride’s wedding checklist would ideally comprise a red lehenga, airbrushed makeup. And intricate henna till her elbow joint, scarlet bangles, and gold kaliras. But the celebrity wedding that surfaced last week smashed the set ideals. Alia Bhatt sparked love for ivory as a bridal outfit colour, gracefully presented a ‘no makeup look’ and applied non-bridal henna. She wore not more than a dozen of red bangles with a pair of celestial kaliras and completed the look with statement polki jewellery. Dainty as her ensemble appeared, stylist Ami Patel put it together keeping Alia’s personal style uncompromised.

Stimulated by Alia Bhatt’s Ivory Outfit Our Favourite Options.

Alia is not the first to be a purveyor of bridal trends. A few years ago, Anushka Sharma presented grace in a pastel pink wedding lehenga that was imbibed by other brides-to-be. Sure, celebrity appearances or events pave way for future trends. But this season, that’s characterized by humid temperatures and bright skies, it feels right to skip the voluminous can-can that’s attached to the under layers or even the deep red dyes that are sartorially injected in a bride’s wedding outfit. Stimulated by the actor’s wedding saree, we curated and edit that showcases ivory, ecru and pearl-coloured outfits, and all beautiful. Take a look!




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