Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Maria B unstitched summer collection 2022 has a wide range of diverse colour prints and a rich embroidered work styles. Unstitched dresses are designed for a range of casual to formal wear. These unstitched dresses have the capability to fresh up your mood on the day to evening in your life. These unstitched dresses have soft stuff but stylish designs that keep you in confidence if you are a college-going girl or housewife. Maria B has focused on each sector of unstitched summer dresses. In the unstitched collection, each item from pants to dupatta has its own designs and prints. The shirt’s neckline, front, back, and sleeves are printed and embroidered. The colors, designs, and embroidered work styles are specially designed for this collection under the supervision of designers. All the latest unstitched designs with prices are given.



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