Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Seize the picture-perfect family portraits! Live the beautiful moments of Eid together in style with Arfa Riwaj! Regal has its signature over this obsidian amenity plugged in chic attire by Arfa Riwaj. It features luxuriously hued and elegant detailing s that can put you in the perfect fashion aura. Look elegant and graceful in this splendid black ensemble by β€œArfa Riwaj” featuring horizontal paste lines with hot orange-gold hints and print detailing s. The invigorating pop of color on a fine gold-retro canvas by Arfa Riwaj is an ideal pick for this Eid! Sending festive treats your way through these classic marvelous Arfa Riwaj attires on Flat 20% & 30% off on Ramadan Sale, representing your fashion style at its best! The desi fusion of gold regal threads, magnificent designs & bizarre hues for the dreamiest Event flares!

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