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Motifz is a designer brand based in Pakistan that prides itself on providing innovative and uniquely designed clothing for women. Dealing clothes as art pieces rather than just garments, the brand. Puts a lot of effort into the creation of exceptional ensembles that any woman would love to drape. Motifz provides a wide selection of casual wear, semi-formal wear, formal wear dresses, and bridal dresses. Selling both ready to wear ensembles, as well as unstitched suits in Pakistan, Motifz has two labels by the name SHC Couture and Rang.

Motifz Formal Wedding Collection 2022

Currently operating over 19 stores in 9 different cities of Pakistan. The Motifz is aiming to further expand its business both in Pakistan, as well as internationally. What makes Motifz a really attractive brand to ladies is its detailed embroidery work, reasonable price tags, and unmatched quality. Operating an online shopping store for local, as well as international customers. Motifz provides free shipping within Pakistan on orders worth Rs 2500 and more. Motifz also provides occasional sales and discounts, where you can find your favorite Pakistani dresses at discounts of up to 40% and more.

Motifz Formal Wedding Collection 2022

From digital prints to self prints designs, machine embroidery to hand-done embroidery, different techniques of embroideries. And printing are used to decorate the outfits in the Motifz formal wear online. What make these ladies suits designs really stand out is the embellishments like laces, beads, sequins, stones, rhinestones, as well as others, which are glistening addition to the beauty of these bridal suits online. These outfits are present in a wide range of hues, including deep dark shades. Rich vibrant tints, gratifying lighter colors, and elegant mid-tones. The quality of these party wear dresses 2022 is premium with excellent fabric quality, as well as a great dyeing job of the garments. You can wear these outfits to festivities, parties, weddings, and other special occasions.




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